Safety of the XR Cryo Chamber



Is cryotherapy safe? This is one of the first questions asked and the main concern of those unfamiliar with cryotherapy. Jumping into a freezing, enclosed space can sound scary, but we’re here to tell you this is not the case! The Cryo Innovations XR cryo chamber is equipped with state of the art Smart Technology to ensure each session runs smoothly and effectively.

Our XR cryo chamber comes on board with over 10 safety features to minimize liability for the owner:

Fingerprint Authorization: 

Two fingerprint authorizations are required to operate the unit, one via an approved operator and one via an approved user. The operator is required to pass a test to ensure operator understands safe operation of chamber. The user is required to answer all contraindications to ensure user is healthy enough for cryotherapy. 

Operator Required:

The operator must be present to run a session and monitor and act as a cheerleader for them.

Door Design:

The door never locks and requires little force to open. The door itself contains a proximity sensor which triggers the valves to shutdown when open.

Interior Geometry:

Designed in such a way where if the user's head falls below the top opening for any reason then physical limitations should force the door open. The user's body will come in contact with the door, forcing the door to open, activating the door sensor.   

Pulse Oxygen Sensor:

Ensures heart rate is in a safe range as well as monitoring blood Oxygen levels of the user.

Ultrasonic Head Sensor:

Monitors that the user's head remains above and outside the chamber. If the head falls below this level, the valves shut down.

Ambient Oxygen Sensor:

Verifies there are safe levels of breathable Oxygen around the user and within the room. This sensor consistently monitors Oxygen even when the chamber isn't running.


Emergency Stop Button:

Shuts down unit and all flow of liquid Nitrogen. 

Emergency Shut-off Valve:

Installed as a fail-safe in case the button doesn't work or power is lost. 

PPE Provided:

Users must wear gloves and boots to protect their extremities.

We work to ensure a safe and powerful experience!     

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