Cryo Innovations' Mission is to Become the Industry Standard in Cryotherapy

Cryo Innovations was founded in 2015 by CEO, Keith Scheinberg. Prior to becoming CEO, Keith spent time doing research and development for Johnson & Johnson and the U.S. military.  He also started and sold a software and app development company. After seeing a hole in the cryotherapy industry, he discovered a need for a more innovative, safer cryosauna. With his experience in software development and cryogenic safety protocols he compiled the most sophisticated cryogenic team to start design and production.

Our team of engineers have created the most technologically advanced, safest cryosauna to date. Their backgrounds extend from doing work with SpaceX, Boeing, and Raytheon, to name a few. The chamber is 100% manufactured, assembled, and tested  in the U.S.A. and shipped out of Newport Beach, CA.

The XR immediately started turning heads upon its release. Launched in early 2017, the XR cryotherapy chamber runs on a cloud-based Android tablet with a built-in Point of Sale. Along with dual-fingerprint authorizations, Cryo Innovations has set the bar high for the industry. The tablet and web-based portal will manage one location or an entire chain of 1,000 storefronts. Each chamber is self-regulated by over 10 safety features that keep liability to a minimum. Cryo Innovations can see real-time status of all chambers to provide immediate customer service and live 24-hour support.

Cryo Innovations embodies its core values of health, healing, and longevity through a sophisticated anti-inflammatory treatment. The XR cryotherapy chamber is the solution to the cryo industry’s desire for a safe and reliable chamber at a reasonable cost. With the best ROI in the market, we have a vested interest in your bottom line.

We invite you to experience the rejuvenating effects for yourself.


Keith Scheinberg, CEO