The XR has made Chain Management feasible with Android Technology, and is an industry first.

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  • Drive Business Decisions

    • We've integrated the best technology into the XR, allowing owners to drive business decisions more effectively. 

  • Reporting, Analytics, and Insights

    • All of the data is collected, analyzed, and delivered to you live. Critical information is always at your fingertips, at a moments notice.

  • Profiling Clientele Demographics

    • Gives your digital marketing a map to target the right people.

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  • Certified Operator & Authorized User

    • The XR requires two people to operate. Dual Fingerprint Authorization ensures safe use.

  • Self-Regulated Chamber 

    • With 8+ onboard sensors keeping track of the user, the XR will terminate the session if the proper procedures are not followed.

  • Contraindications and Safety Waivers

    • Linked to the client's profile, digitally stored in the cloud, removing liability at scale.

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  • Corporate Chain Management

    • Remote access to every location, made available through our web based systems.

  • Location Performance Management

    • Detailed analysis of individual locations provides every statistic needed for review.

  • Ease of Installation

    • Our pre-assembled, mobile chamber rolls right into your facility.  First sessions can be run hours after delivery.


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