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Industry First: Built- In Point of Sale

Cryo Innovation’s XR cryo chamber is equipped with a state of the art Point of Sale system. An industry first! 

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Owners can keep track of customer activity and have an easy method for payment which prevents "back door" or "after hour" deals.  The custom 10" HD touchscreen with  Wi-Fi connectivity allows customers to choose their subscription before or after their session with the ease of a fingerprint. Operators can look at the back end of the POS system and manage users and sales statistics as well as give incentives for future purchases.

Point of Sale Features


Processed with built in card reader.


Owners can customize their subscriptions to cater to their users and demographics.


Owner can set customizable discounts and scenarios. 

Even Customized Ad Space

Even Customized Ad Space

Up Selling: 

The POS system can prompt users to re-up on their subscriptions so you don't have to!

Sell Additional Products: 

Such as shirts, beanies, gloves and anything else supportive to your business.

Sell Additional Services: 

Such as additional treatments, massages, adjustments, etc.

Customized Ad Space:

With a 3 minute captive audience for each session, you could sell ad space on the included monitor above the users head to a neighboring business or use it to promote other services within your own business.

Back Office: 

Manage your business, sales volumes and trends all with the ease of cloud based storage accessible from any location you choose.


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